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European Universities Sports Association Championships 2007

Cobby to Croatia

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Cobby to Croatia

See below for Cobby's current location!
Cobby is going to ride and swim the equivalent distance between Loughborough and Rijeka raising funs for the travel fund and Wishes4kids. 
His aim is to raise 1 per mile - that's 891 in total!
The swim part of the journey is 35 miles, that's 2,240 lengths or Loughborough University swimming pool, leaving just 856 miles to cycle!
He is collecting the money in person so if you wish to sponsor him get in touch.  You can follow his progress on this website for both his total money raised and miles covered, where he has currently got to.

WISHES4KIDS Information

...more information to follow!

Email Cobby!

Cobby has currently raised:


Cobby himself...
cobby.jpg the Leicester Volleyball Tournament

Cobby is currently Just South of Stansted!
...and still going strong.....!

This page will be updated weekly, so visit us again to track his progress!


Loughborough Students Volleyball Club