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Matchday Clothing Information



Remember to check out our social stash at;


Due to the mass number of people that leave and join our club each year there is always a problem with new kits being needed year on year.  To solve this problem it was decided at a recent committee meeting that the club will start a CLUB KIT and SQUAD NUMBER SYSTEM. 
How is it going to work...
All the team players when they first join the club  will buy a personalised (inc. surname) shirt with their own personalised number (0-50, Male and Female).  This will then be their shirt and number for their time with Loughborough Students Volleyball Club...
Each year when people leave the club their number will become available for the freshers to pick from the following September.
The entire club all wearing similar kits will increase the awareness of Loughborough Volleyball and will make the club more recognisable at the wide range of tournaments that we play in.
Who is this COMPULSORY for...?
Everyone that plays for a Loughborough Students Volleyball team (W1/2/3 and M1/2/3) will be required to buy their relative strip as it is what they will be playing in; but it is hoped that all will by the tracksuit as well to increase the professional appearance of LSVC at matches. 
The committee has decided this is fair as the kukri stash/clothing is remaining relatively the same so therefore the average spend of a club member is still below that of previous years.
How would it be decided who got what number?
The numbers will be given out on a first come first served basis.  Please click on the link below to see what numbers are available (this file may not be exactly up to date) and then contact Bunga with your preferred number as soon as you have paid for a shit/package.



As previously stated the Match day kit is compulsory for all club members that intend to play matches for LSVC.
The matchday tracksuit is not compulsory but is expected to be bought by all National League and BUSA players.
Costs are;
Male Strip 36
Female Strip 36
Package (strip and tracksuit) 71
The tracksuit is also available to the recreational members; the only difference will be that there will be no squad number, so just initials will be printed on the right chest and thigh.  The price for just the tracksuit is 41.
You can purchase your items by clicking on the link below, logging in and buying them like you would for your club membership or your summer dinner ticket last year.
If you have any problems logging in, then please email me with your requirements (sizes and names) and I will send you an address to post a cheque payable to 'LSU Volleyball' too.
Please see the simple step-by-step guide below detailing how you can order your kit.
Please contact me if you have any queries or questions.
Matt Rogers
LSVC Clothing and Equipment Secretary 06-07

European 42"
European 44-46"
European 48-50"
European 52-54"
European 56"


PLEASE NOTE; only available in M or XL...
This strip will have Maroon in place of the red..



PLEASE NOTE; available in S/M/L/XL/XXL
(strip will be exactly as is shown above)

Women's strip has had to be altered due to a change in Policy from Errea. 


NEW Match-day Tracksuit ...

PLEASE NOTE; available in S/M/L/XL/XXL/XXL
(junior sizes are also available)

Idiots Step by Step Guide:

1) Decide whether you are playing for LSVC next year (hopefully a resounding yes!)

2) Decide whether you just want the strip or whether your going to follow the crowd and get the package (strip and tracksuit).

3) Load up Squad number file and pick your top 3 available numbers.

4) Send an e-mail request to including these 3 numbers, your sizes, your Initials,  and your Surname for the back of your match shirt.

5) Send a cheque to the address supplied with for the correct amount payable to 'LSU Volleyball' and THAT'S ALL FOLKS!

6) Sit back and enjoy the summer!



Many Thanks for your time.