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After the success of the Recreational Club Membership last year we are delighted to offer it again for the coming 2006-7 season.


Members of the recreational volleyball club will receive the same privileges as the competitive playing members of the club. This includes being invited to the Christmas and summer dinners, as well as taking part in the Hey Ewe socials on a Wednesday night.


Other benefits of being a recreational club member include being able to buy the all important stash which is this year being designed by Kukri, and is very impressive both in quality and design. There is also the incentive for those people who show good potential at the recreational sessions to train with the competitive teams, though this will be on an invitational basis.


There are just forty spaces available for those wishing to be recreational members of the club, and this will be on a first come first served basis. The price for the whole year will be a very reasonable 25, which includes a session a week except when there are National League games on a Sunday, and all the entitlements that come with being a member of Loughborough Student’s Volleyball Club.


For more information either come along to the Fresher’s Bazaar.


We look forward to welcoming you to our club!


To sign up for the recreational club, please follow the instructions below:-


1. Go to

2. Log in using your student ID number on your NUS card and your date of birth as your password.

3. Select the AU shop as shown on the screen.

4. Before you can join any club you must be a member of the Au. To do this, click on the AU Membership link which will be on the screen, and add to cart.

5. Select 'Return to Shop Front ' which will be on the top of the page.

6. Now scroll down to the bottom of the sports club page and click on volleyball. Select the recreational volleyball at the bottom of the page, which is priced at 20.

7. Click on Add to Cart and then View cart which is on the top left side of the page.

8. Follow the instructions to go to World Pay to purchase the recreational membership. This involves clicking on 'Next' numerous times! Once you have paid, your account is debited and you are immediately a member of the club.


Join the ever improving and expanding volleyball club here at Loughborough!!